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The Top Ten Lies Parents Tell Their Children

The Top Ten 10 Lies Parents Tell Their Children


the top ten lies parents tell their childrenFor those of you who say you never lie; you better stop, drop, and roll because your pants are on fire! Everybody lies – it’s a fact.  Just look below to see how many of the top ten lies you are guilty of telling.  According to a study in the united kingdom, the average parent tells their children 3000 “white lies” during their childhood.  We lie to manage their behaviour, to raise their self esteem, and to keep the magic of childhood alive.  We do it well, and we do it often.  Being a huge fan of TED Talks, I’ve shared a youtube video worth watching about lying.   The speaker gives some eye-opening stats about how often we all lie.

The Top 10 Lies Parents Tell Their Children


1.  Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy…. Enough said.


2.  “When you whine like that, I can’t hear what you’re saying.  It hurts my ears too much!  What are you trying to say?”  I use this one often and it works.


child colouring3.  “Wow!  That is a gorgeous piece of artwork.  You are such a talented artist!”  Whether we are complimenting scribbles or stick people, all parents want to boost their child’s self esteem.


4.  “I didn’t bring any money with me today so I can’t buy that.”  This one usually works.  Once my daughter responded with, “Lets go ask those people over there to give us some money!”  It was very cute.


5.  “Okay, you can just stay here then.  I’ll go home and come pick you up later.”  This works great for 2 and 3 year olds, until they call us on it.


6.  “We will be there soon.”  This is a common one used on long road trips.


7.  “If you tell me the truth, I won’t get upset.”  We all want our kids to be honest … but are we really ready to hear the truth?  Sometimes its hard to be on the other side of the truth, which is probably why people lie so much.


8.  “The dentist won’t hurt you.”  As a dental hygienist, I see many children’s dental appointments go easily and smoothly.  However, on the rare occasion, the child suffers.  Dentists do not have x-ray vision, and it can sometimes be difficult to properly freeze the lower molars on a child.  Not all dentists are created equal, so it’s smart to get a referral from a friend.



9.  “Looks don’t matter.” – This is a nice philosophy.  Unfortunately, looks do matter in today’s society.  Check out these Attractive People Success Statistics.


10. “We brought Tiger to a farm where he will be much happier.”  It’s tough to lose a pet, and most parents don’t want to upset their children.  Sometimes parents lie to make certain situations easier for children to handle.  This is one my parents told me as a child.




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